Your path to a thriving career and life in Canada begins here

Global Skills Hub is bringing the world’s top technical talent to Canada under the new federal Global Skills Strategy

Canada's Booming Tech Sector

By the year 2021, Canada will need to fill approximately 216,000 technology-related positions (ICTC, The Next Talent Wave: Navigating the Digital Shift - Outlook 2021). In response to this, our government has recently launched a faster and more predictable process for attracting top talent to Canada.

Highly-skilled workers coming to Canada on a temporary basis are now able to benefit from two-week processing of applications for work permits and, when necessary, temporary resident visas.

Open work permits for spouses and study permits for dependants will also be processed in two weeks when applicable. Workers also benefit from a highly paid position with a salary of $80,000 or above.

Top Roles

  • Data Scientists
  • Machine Learning Scientists
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Engineering Managers
  • QA Automation Engineers
  • ASIC Design / Layout Engineers
  • Python Developers
  • Ruby on Rails Developers
  • Back-End Developers
  • Front-End Developers
  • Full-Stack Developers
  • C++ Developers
  • PHP Developers
  • Scala Developers
  • Node.js Developers
  • SDET – Software Development in Test
  • Analog and Signal Design
  • Product Managers
  • Technical Project Manager
  • DevOps

How it Works

Fill out your information

Find out if you qualify by submitting some basic information (name, email, years of experience, previous experience) through our Sign Up form on the website.

Connect with our experts

Qualified applicants will be contacted by one of our ambassadors to find out more about you and optimize your resume. You will complete a technical evaluation and a personality assessment.

Your profile is submitted

Your dedicated talent ambassador will submit your completed profile to our hiring companies and facilitate the interview scheduling. Our team will also work with you to prepare for interviews.

Get hired and relocate

Once you receive an offer, we will arrange all the details for you and your family’s applications (acceptance is approximately 2-3 weeks) and for your relocation. We will greet you upon arrival and welcome you to Canada.

Why come to Canada?

Sector growth

Since 2013, the tech sector in Canada has been outperforming all other economic sectors with 71,000 companies across the country. Toronto specifically has been growing faster than Silicon Valley and New York combined in terms of job growth.

Cultural diversity

Approximately 20% of Canada’s 36 million people are foreign-born which makes Canada one of the world’s most multicultural countries. In Toronto specifically, almost half of all residents are immigrants.

Quality of life

Canada consistently ranks top in the world for its quality of life which includes attributes such as a stable job market, affordable living, family friendly, economically and politically stable, personal safety, and a well-developed public education and healthcare system.