Adeline Ionescu

After 4 years of volunteering, Adeline realised that what inspires her most is human connection and helping others. At a very young age, she started working across various industries to find her dream job. Her passion for music turned into a successful event planning business which she still does on the side. She is always motivated to help others when they are in need, hoping they will become the best versions of themselves through understanding and support. Adeline brings perseverance and empathy to her role as Talent Ambassador.


“Global Skills Hub has fulfilled my dream of getting hired in Canada in a fast and reliable way. The ‘try-before-you-hire' model enabled me to showcase my technical abilities on a live project. After a month working remotely for a Canadian company, I was offered a fulltime job and was fully supported by the Global Skills Hub team in processing the documentation for the visa and work permit and settling in Toronto!” -- Senior Machine Learning Developer

425 Adelaide Street West, #300