Streamline your global recruitment process and win the war on technical talent

Select and hire the most highly-skilled technical talent from around the world through Canada’s new Global Skills Strategy

Why work with us?

We have access to H-1B visa holders in the US

We have an existing pool of highly experienced tech workers in the US that are looking for opportunities in Canada due to the political uncertainty down south. We have also built a pool of international candidates with 5+ years’ experience working for North American companies who operate with an outsourcing model.

We reduce your time to hire technical talent

We thoroughly vet our candidates with technical and English language screening and create detailed profiles to simplify your recruitment process. We have partnered with that allows you to create custom coding interviews and utilize candidate video explanations. We have also partnered with to help assess soft skills earlier on in the recruitment process.

We de-risked the global recruitment process

We give you an opportunity to ‘try-before-you-hire’ the candidates through a 2-3 month contracting period and offer a low monthly rate once the candidate is hired fulltime. We coordinate the payment of the contracting fees during the trial period. We do not disengage once the placement is made and offer full support to the candidate and company to ensure a successful relocation and integration.

We manage the visa and work permit processing

We eliminate the challenges of working through the application process by communicating with and submitting all relevant documentation to the government on your behalf. We work with our immigration team at Green and Spiegel LLP to ensure we’re not missing any other opportunities or channels (outside of the Global Skills Strategy) to bring in foreign talent.

How it Works

You define your hiring needs

We meet with you or schedule a call to discuss your senior technical hiring needs and your recruitment challenges. At this stage, we will explore ways in which we can streamline your technical recruitment process and create a sustainable hiring model.

We source candidates within our pools

Our ‘try-before-you-hire’ pool are those working outside of North America with 5+ years’ experience, qualified technical skills, and strong English communication. Our ‘proven pool’ are H-1B Visa holders in the US or international candidates with 5+ years working for North American tech companies.

You interview and make an offer

We send you our shortlist of candidates which includes technical, personality, and English language metrics.  We set up the interviews of the selected candidates.

We process the visa and work permit

We cover the cost of the visa and work permit processing and manage the relationship with the government, bringing you in only as needed throughout the process. The work permit turnaround time is typically 2-3 weeks.


  • Low monthly cost ($1,250 for 12 months)
  • $1,250 x 12 = $15,000


  • All immigration and legal fees
  • Replacement candidates
  • Integration with your company’s recruitment process. E.g. background checks, specific technical testing, etc.
  • Detailed technical and soft skills reports
  • Ongoing support for candidates to settle and thrive in Canada

Traditional Recruiter

  • High upfront cost (20% on first year salary)
  • $90K x 20% = $18,000


  • Replacement candidates

Not Included:

  • Immigration and legal fees (approx. $3,500)
  • No trial period
  • No settlement support

Success Stories

"Yousuf and the Global Skills Hub team were able to gather our hiring needs quickly and turn that around into a clear role description. Our team is a tight knit group of deeply committed engineers, so our threshold for experience and talent was equally high. Somehow, the Global Skills Hub team was able to find, evaluate and introduce Abdullah within one week. After a couple calls, code review and discussion to ensure we were aligned, we were thrilled to bring Abdullah on for the trial work period. Since then, our experience working with him has been exceptional, and our confidence in his abilities to enhance our capabilities has only grown. We’re excited for his arrival to Canada in the coming weeks and look forward to partnering with Global Skills Hub on future roles."

-- Adam Rabie CEO, Big Terminal