Luiza Iordanescu

After a successful career in advertising sales over the last 10 years, Luiza embarked on a new and exciting personal challenge as an entrepreneur.  With a love for purses and shoes, she launched a business in Romania, “Genti in Culori.”  After meeting Yousuf in 2017, she was inspired by the vision to help families migrate to Canada under the new Global Skills Strategy. As a Talent Ambassador at Global Skills Hub, Luiza is enthusiastic, empathetic, and determined to help the world’s best technical talent connect to Canadian companies. 


“Global Skills Hub has fulfilled my dream of getting hired in Canada in a fast and reliable way. The ‘try-before-you-hire' model enabled me to showcase my technical abilities on a live project. After a month working remotely for a Canadian company, I was offered a fulltime job and was fully supported by the Global Skills Hub team in processing the documentation for the visa and work permit and settling in Toronto!” -- Senior Machine Learning Developer

425 Adelaide Street West, #300