Nafis Ehtisham

Country Manager, Bangladesh

With a unique background intersecting Banking, Marketing, and Computer Engineering, Nafis is a passionate leader for Bangladesh. Currently, he serves as the Country Head for Payza Bangladesh, and is focused on Fintech solutions lowering the barriers for the second largest Freelancer community in the world to access their earnings. Champions for the Bangladeshi Freelancer community, Nafis and Payza Bangladesh were the natural choice for a partnership with Global Skills Hub. Nafis’s vision is to bridge the relationship between Canada’s rapidly growing tech scene and the top senior developers in Bangladesh.


“Global Skills Hub has fulfilled my dream of getting hired in Canada in a fast and reliable way. The ‘try-before-you-hire' model enabled me to showcase my technical abilities on a live project. After a month working remotely for a Canadian company, I was offered a fulltime job and was fully supported by the Global Skills Hub team in processing the documentation for the visa and work permit and settling in Toronto!” -- Senior Machine Learning Developer

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