Vikram Rangnekar

Silicon Valley Partner

Vikram Rangnekar is currently the founder of Webmatr. He was previously Director of Product at Influitive a leading Toronto based tech startup. Before moving to the product side of things he served as a Senior Software Engineer with Linkedin in California for over 6 years and founded Socialwok a Techcrunch50 winner. He's super passionate about helping the worlds tech talent discover Toronto and is a resource site he founded towards this cause. The MovNorth site has served as a guide to help a lot of Silicon Valley tech talent to move to Canada.


“Global Skills Hub has fulfilled my dream of getting hired in Canada in a fast and reliable way. The ‘try-before-you-hire' model enabled me to showcase my technical abilities on a live project. After a month working remotely for a Canadian company, I was offered a fulltime job and was fully supported by the Global Skills Hub team in processing the documentation for the visa and work permit and settling in Toronto!” -- Senior Machine Learning Developer

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